Physical Security

Protecting peoples, assets and information is critical to every organization. That’s why SYNAPSE provides different means of protection, interacting with each other and forming an integrated Physical Security solution.

We provide services and solutions on following technology areas:

Video Surveillance

Access Control

Time Attendance

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is a critical component for every organization and government institution, which enables to improve safety and security for people, protect valuable assets, prevent violence, and investigate incidents or identify suspects.

We provide Video Surveillance Solutions for a wide range of industry applications starting from office spaces, retail, education, finance institutions, government, healthcare, city wide surveillance system and critical industrial infrastructure.

Visible Surveillance Cameras
Thermal Cameras
Network Video Recorders
Video Management Systems
Video Analytics

Access Control & Time Attendance

We provide comprehensive Access Control solutions, in order to control access in premises for employees, contractors, or visitors, by using a reliable, scalable and proven enterprise-grade workforce
management platform which integrates access control, and working time management in one single platform.

The system provided by SYNAPSE, is flexible, scalable, with a client-server architecture, making it suitable for different companies and organizations, regardless their size or geographic spread.

Stand-alone System

Stand-alone system, as small as for one access point (door).

Geographically Spread Systems

Geographically spread systems, connected via an IP network, with a central database, and a client-server or hybrid architecture, offering web or desktop client.

RFID and Biometric Identification

Tripod, barriers, and full height turnstiles for controlling access into the premises.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

We provide intrusion alarm solution to match different security needs, either for commercial and industrial buildings, telecom sites, or either to keep your home safe.

Our intrusion detection solution, combined with other security systems like CCTV systems, provides an enhanced security system for multiple industries and applications.

Outdoor Sensors

Outdoor sensors for perimeter security.

Indoor Sensors

Indoor sensors for protecting entrances, hallways, or specific areas or assets.

Vehicle Sensors
Intelligent Visual Verification
Alarm Processing Units

Electrical distribution and Power Supply

Power is one of the key aspects of every infrastructure. An efficient power system, needs proper design and installation of electrical distribution network, main feed from the utility and backup power supply systems, like diesel generators, UPS, inverters, or Solar systems.

With our experience in electrical systems, including distribution network and backup power supply components, as well with our partner support, we are able to provide different power systems for different customer needs.

Electrical Distribution Network

Electrical distribution network for commercial or industrial buildings.

Backup Power Supply

Backup power supply, including UPS, Inverters, and Diesel Generators

Off & On Grid Solar Systems

Off Grid and On Grid Solar Systems.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.