About Us

We started back in 2011, intending to be the leading system integrators company in Albania. We provides reliable solutions for buildings, data centers, telecom and, industrial infrastructure. Today, after a decade, we can not say if we are the leading system integrators, but we can safely say that for people who know us and have worked with us:

SYNAPSE means getting the job done properly and on time!



We started with a clear vision, to be the leading system integrator company. It was a vision, mostly driven by our technical expertise. Now a few years back, driven by our customer’s needs and offering them peace of mind for every ICT, electronic system, and digital service. Our forward-looking vision is to cover everything:
From the ground to the cloud!


Well, we still strive to be the leading system integrator company in Albania, but luckily,we live and work in a dynamic environment, with old and big players who positively pressure us and startups that
challenge us. So rather than being the leading system integrator, we came to the ground with a more realistic mission:
Delivering values, professionalism, and correctness through our great team!


We don’t know how to measure culture, or how to compare it. But we make sure not to burn out our
people, and they shouldn’t struggle to find a work-life balance. We never planned our company culture;
it was built during the years by a team with a medium age of 29 years old people.

Our Structure

Synapse ATS is structured on three main units:

System Integration

The goal of this business unit is to provide a set of full lifecycle services which can help our customers successfully asses, plan, design, implement and operate their IT infrastructure to support their business goals.

Managed Services

Oriented towards cloud services, the main goal is to provide for our customers the freedom from complex technology implementations at their site, to lower their operation and maintenance costs, and providing to them the service where and when they want it.



Offering a wide range of training programs on the ICT field throughout two methods; integration into universities academic syllabus for students and accelerated trainings for enterprises or government employees. 

We partner for success




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