Data Center Infrastructure

The data center is mission-critical to any enterprise business. Whether you are building a new data center or looking to reconfigure your current one, SYNAPSE can help.

We offer a wide range of services and technologies for implementing, consolidation, optimization,
virtualization and migration of data centers.

Any and all aspects of the data center are addressed including:





physical security

IT Infrastructure


Service management


Power is critical to any Data Center or Server Room.

It must comply with regulations and codes, and provide redundancy in order to protect the operations from power outage.

Power supply, distribution, and storage must be designed and implemented in order to protect from human error, power outage from utility, unexpected power supply components failure, and as well having in mind not to disrupt operation during preventive maintenance.

Power Panels
Power Distribution
Uninterruptable Power Supply

(UPS) units

Battery Cabinets

Battery Cabinets for power storage

Inverters & Rectifiers
Diesel Generators
Earth and grounding


Cabinets on a Data Center, are needed not only to accommodate IT and communication equipment, but they must provide additional features like easy equipment installation, cabling management, security, safety and stabilization, access and ventilation, and easy adjust from 19” to 21” to 23” vertical extrusions.

Depending on Data Center design, the specific type of cabinet must be chosen. We supply and implement Open Frame Racks, Cabling Racks, Server Racks and special Racks for most demanding conditions and applications, with load capacity of up to 2000kg and height up to 52U.

Server Racks
Cabling Racks
Housing Racks

Housing Racks with different compartments.

Open Frame Racks
Outdoor Cabinets


Cooling units are an integral part of every Data Center or Server Room solution.

The cooling system must be chosen depending on required cooling capacity, design, efficiency and ease of maintenance and operation.

Cooling units inside the IT Rack
In-Row cooling units
Above-Rack cooling units
Side-Rack cooling units
Computer Room Air conditioners

Computer Room Air conditioners (CRAC) units


Ventilation and air flow management accessories

Fire Extinguishing

Data Centers and Server Rooms are at constant threat from fire damage, due to high temperature released from equipment and low humidity, which both increase the risk of fire in case of cooling and ventilation failure, or due to electrical or power components damage. In this situations the reaction time to detect, notify and suppress the fire is crucial, in order to protect equipment, information and not
disrupt the operation.

We provide different fire protection systems, from conventional to air sampling systems to detect fire at early stages, alert the personnel, release the clean agent from the cylinder to suppress the fire, and activate security systems.

We provide fire extinguishing mostly based on 3M Novec 1230 fire protection liquid, but as well we can provide FM200, or inert gasses fire protection.

Total Flooding Systems

Based on Novec1230 or FK5112 clean agent.

Rack Mount Systems

Based on Novec1230 or FK5112 clean agent.

Copper and Optical Fiber Cabling Connectivity

Physical network infrastructure, which provides connectivity for equipment, must handle increased demand for capacity, easy management, and easy scale up for future growth.

High density patch panels and ODFs
Pre-terminated copper and fiber cabling
Cable Duct Systems

Fiber to the Antenna for mobile operators

Automated Physical Infrastructure Management

Access Control & CCTV

As the core of any IT and communication infrastructure, where all the data is stored and processed, security of the data center must provide trust and comply with regulatory standards.

From structural point of view, a Data Center site has many areas; starting from perimeter/entrance to the site, interior areas like monitoring room and other service areas, server rooms, telco rooms, and racks which basically host the equipment. The access to each area must be restricted for each employee only to authorized area.

We can control and secure the data center access, by combining ANPR and Long Range readers at the perimeter, multi-factor and biometric authentication at the interior areas, RFID and biometric access
control at rack door, as well combining additional access control features like two-man rules, man-traps/airlocks, people tracking inside the premises, visitor management, and all of these integrated with CCTV for keeping records to comply with regulations and for further investigations.

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Environment Monitoring

The interaction between Data Center equipment and their environment, poses a major risk with potential threats like temperature and humidity increase, water leakage, vibration, power outage, smoke and gas, or human error.

All these threats needs to be identified and properly address before they equipment operation.

In order to stay up to date with environment parameters, SYNAPSE can implement an environment monitoring system, including:

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors inside each rack and in the room.

Humidity Sensors

Humidity sensors inside each rack and in the room.

Air Flow Sensor

Air Flow sensor under the raised floor, HVAC duct, or inside cabinet.

Water Leakage Detectors

Water leakage detectors, rope style, spot, tape-stale, or under-carpet.

Smoke Detectors
Vibration Sensors
Voltage Sensors

Voltage, current, and frequency sensors.

Voice dialers and GSM gateways

BMS System

Data centers might start from single server room, to large buildings including power rooms, telco rooms, server rooms, monitoring room and other service areas.

The amount of electro mechanical systems inside a datacenter can be huge and day to day operation and efficiency monitoring can be complex without a system, able to monitor and control all of these subsystems.

SYNAPSE is able to supply and implement BMS systems, in order to monitor in real time all data center subsystems, control their operation, and increase their efficiency.

We can implement a BMS system, in order to Monitor and Control:

Refrigeration Machine Operating Parameters
Refrigeration Room Group Control Scheme
Fire Suppression Status

Fire suppression status and activation.

Access Control and CCTV
UPS Status

UPS status, battery level, and operation parameters.

Diesel Generator Status

Diesel generator status, fuel level and operation parameters.

Fuel Tanks
Power Panel Status

Power panel status, voltage, current and frequency parameters.

Lights and Elevators