Life Safety Systems

Protecting and preserving of human life during an emergency is the most important matter, on such situations. That’s why your systems must provide fast, and faultless of fire detection and proper signalization of peoples in order to evacuate. Except human life, for business and organizations, is important to protect valuable assets like information systems which stores and process valuable information, archives, or any additional valuable asset which are worth to be protected and preserved in case of fire. We design, implement and maintain fire detection and suppression systems starting from small conventional systems, to multisite networked systems.

Our offer line, includes:

fire detection systems

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Emergency Evacuation

Fire Detection Systems

We design, implement and maintain different fire detection systems from small conventional systems, up to the networked intelligent systems able to expand to 200,000 devices per network.

We can integrate fire detection with other systems, like access control systems for door release and unlocking, automatic sprinkle and other extinguishing systems, HVAC and damper control, and BMS.

Fire Detection

Conventional fire detection panels and devices.

Intelligent Fire Detection

Intelligent fire detection panels and devices.

Multiprotocol Fire Detection

Multiprotocol fire detection panels.

Extinguishing Control Panels
Software for Alarm Monitoring

Software for alarm monitoring, false alarm management, service and pager tools.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fast and reliable fire detection at an early stage of fire development is very important to early warn occupants in order to evacuate. But inside premises, there are other valuable assets like technical rooms, server rooms, archives, with a higher risk for fire development which needs to be protected, by total flooding fire extinguishing systems.

Fire extinguishing systems are different depending on type of assets which needs to be protected, structural and volume of the premise where the assets are located, and level of occupancy by peoples.

Together with or partners, we provide following fire extinguishing solutions:

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing

Clean agent fire extinguishing based on NOVEC 1230.

Aerosol Fire Extinguishing

Emergency Evacuation and Public Address Systems

In case of emergency, people notification at an early stage is crucial for life preservation. The evacuation system serves not only to alert occupants to evacuate, but as well to alert appropriate personnel to take proper actions to control spread of fire and to rescue occupant’s life.

Evacuation systems, at first looks similar to fire detection systems – both of them will trigger a sound alarm to notify people – but the difference is, that evacuation system will tell peoples that now is time to evacuate, and the alarm can be controlled to evacuate floor by floor or zone by zone, instead of entire building at once. As well emergency evacuation, can be used to notify evacuation not only in case of fire, but for any emergency reason.

The emergency evacuation, can be combined with public address system, in order to broadcast voice announcements to evacuate the premises. Public address system allows to mix live and voice recorded announcements, which can be used to broadcast any type of announcements in case of emergency, but as well in daily business operation.

Evacuation Panels
Evacuation Alert Devices
Audio Speakers
Audio Management System