SYNAPSE is committed to combine communication on a single network and a single solution in order to help our customers better collaborate and interact, lower total cost of ownership, lower maintenance and operation fees.

We give our customers technical solution based on their need, their existing infrastructure, and future expansion.We are experts in choosing the right technology, proposing the appropriate solution and we are confident that we can solve your business challenges at lowest total cost of ownership.

Our solutions on collaboration includes following technologies:

Unified Communication

IP Telephony/VoIP

Video Conferencing

Contact Center

IP Telephony/VoIP

The main reason why businesses are looking to deploy IP Telephony solution are cost reduction, and increase employee productivity.

SYNAPSE can design, implement and manage two architectures for such solution, depending if you are deploying a completely new telephony system or if you want to keep existing infrastructure but still
want to benefit some of the advantages of IP Telephony.

The first architecture, IP Telephony, introduces voice directly to the IP Network. All the components, like Call Management, Voice Gateways, and IP Phones are plugged directly on the IP Network.

No need to buy PBX equipment

This function is handled to an application running on a
hardware server.

No need to have separate team/contract for maintaining your PBX
Communicate for free between your branch offices
Reduce communication costs

Reduce communication costs for calls outside your organization through SIP trunk with TISPs..

Unified Communication

Telephony was the traditional way that lead communications the last century, that’s why many companies and users focus their requirements on their necessities to establish telephony communications on their organizations, and confuse unified communications systems with a telephone exchange system.

UC Solution, not only provides telephony, it integrates other communication alternatives to make your organization environment more productive and efficient.

Voice over IP
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Instant Messaging

Video Conferencing

SYNAPSE can extend traditional communication towards your branch offices through video, enabling face to face meetings with no need to travel. Such solutions can be implemented for personal or for team meetings, point to point or multi-point solutions.

Video Conferencing can be used for executive meetings, team meetings, or remote training. These solutions can be implemented on employee’s desk, meeting rooms or remote user’s laptops/tablets for remote login to video calls.

Reduce traveling cost and time
Faster decision maker
Strength relationship

Strength relationship with customers, suppliers and partners

Contact Center

We are able to provide omni-channel contact center systems based on enterprise grade systems and open source technologies, in order to fit business of all sizes.

Our contact center solutions provides inbound and outbound call management, blended calls, IVR with campaign/queue, broadcast and survey dialing, agents allocated simultaneously to multiple campaigns, call recording, skill based agent priority routing, remote and mobile workers, real time dashboards, reports and analytics and much more.

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