Transport Companies can use SGTS in order to track and identify when a transport will be delivered, increasing so the service level by giving customers more accurate information about their deliveries. They can lower fleet usage cost, by controlling speed limits, predefined tracks and getting an alarm if there is any breach. They can minimize risk by getting a SOS alarm when an incident has occurs or when driver is in a difficult situation.

Car Rental

Car Rental companies can use SGTS to increase the service level by checking which cars will be delivered on time and which will be delayed. They can reduce risk by been notified which car is over speeding or identify a defected car. They can identify a stolen car, or been notified if a car is leaving country (if it should not leave).

Taxi Companies

Taxi companies can use SGTS to increase service level by identifying vehicles nearby a calling customer and inform the customer for nearest taxi location and expected arrival time. They can minimize risk in difficult situations by getting a SOS alarm on the DMC map or getting an SMS to the dispatcher. Taxi companies can use also historical reports in order to define how the fleet has been used; how many km the vehicles have done during a day, what are idle times, check the speeds for each vehicle.

Police Vehicle Tracking

With SGTS, state police departments can see all their vehicles in real time on a map. They can easily identify the closest patrol if there is an incident so the dispatch operator can assign the closets patrol to that incident. SGTS can be installed in-house at state police data centers and it can run on a secured private network.


SGTS can be used by Defense in order to track, secure and manage their logistic. They can use it to establish visibility on mission critical assets and equipment, they can pinpoint locations where these assets should be utilized and alert key personnel if is a breach during transport or utilization.