How it works

At each asset which yuo would like to track we install a Device Tracking (DT) terminal. This terminal defines object coordinates via GPS and transfer the information to Device Management Center (DMC) which further process the information and  generate different reports for our customers. The DT can be installed on moving assets, including (but not limited): cars, trucks, containers, pallets, and sea vans. Also DT can be installed on remote fixed objects or assets like oil field platforms, pipelines, hyrdo power stations, and utility equipments.

Tracking Device­­ ‍‌

Tracking Devices are GPS and GPRS Terminals which are able to define asset’s coordinates via GPS and transfer them to the Device Management Center via GPRS network. The terminal has additional Digital Inputs/Outputs which lets us control and monitor other objects or parameters within the asset been tracked. It has a NEMA IP 67 case, back up battery option and integrated Flash memory to store logs for up to 120 days in case of lost connectivity or roaming issues. It has a USB port for logs output and device configuration.

Device Management Center

DMC is the brain of the solution. This is where we collect information from remote Tracking Devices, further process the information, generate different reports and make these information available to our customers via HTML, XML, CSV or Email. Each customer might have different user accounts on the DMC with controlled access to section within their account. Mapping services can be costumized as per customer preference, by default DMC comes with Google Maps and OpenLayers mapps. The DMC can be deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) or on your premises. With our SaaS model you gain full benefits of the service without investing on IT infrastructure or personnel. With this model, all you need is a standart PC with an internet browser and an internet line. For organizations with limited access to their sensitive data, installing DMC on your premises is your best option, while you will still get full support services from our side.