Optical Fiber Networks


With the increased demand of new applications, which require higher transmission speeds and capacities , optical fiber networks are today the core element of every telecommunications network. Optical fiber networks provides higher capacities and speeds, greater distances between users or applications and they are immune from interference.

Synapse ATS has the experience and resources to provide high performance optical fiber networks for Carriers, Service Providers, Government, Enterprises, and Industrial applications. We can provide products and services to deploy fiber networks based on Ethernet, WDM, SDH or PON systems.

Our offer line includes:

  • Fiber cable installation; indoor, underground, and outdoor
  • Fiber splicing, testing and certification
  • Fiber cable management; outdoor distribution frames, termination boxes, splice closures…etc.
  • Transmission elements; media converters, optical multiplexers, optical switches, protocol converters,
  • PON systems, WDM systems, optical transcievers…etc.
  • Optical Network Management


  1. Devolli Hydropower
  3. EnBi Power
  4. Albchrome
  5. Sotira Hydro Power plant
  6. Permeti Hydro Power plant
  7. Murdara Hydro Power plant
  8. Trans Oil Group