IP Telephony

The main reason why businesses  are looking to deploy IP Telephony solution are cost reduction, and increase employee productivity.

Synapse ATS can design, implement and manage two architectures for such solution, depending if you are deploying a completely new telephony system or if you want to keep existing infrastructure but still want to benefit some of the advantages of IP Telephony.

The first architecture, IP Telephony, introduces voice directly to the IP Network. All the components, like Call Management, Voice Gateways, and IP Phones are plugged directly on the IP Network. This architecture provides following benefits:

  • No need to buy PBX equipment. This function is handled to an application running on a hardware server.
  • No need to have separate team/contract for maintaining your PBX.
  • Communicate for free between your branch offices.
  • Reduce communication costs for calls outside your organisation through SIP trunk with TISPs.

The second architecture, VoIP, saves existing telephony infrastructure but the existing components are converted to IP through routers or gateways. The main benefit of this solution is to reduce communication costs for calls between your branches.

Synapse ATS is technology independent and we integrate and support solutions from leading vendors and also we can customize open source solutions. Our driving force is customer need and their success, we give our customers technical solution based on their need, their existing infrastructure, and future expansion.

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