CCaaS – Call Center as a Service

Software as a Service or “cloud” based solutions are gaining more and more favor compared with “on premise” solutions. This innovative and next generation approach allows companies to be focused on their business, to deliver services faster, more effective and at lower costs. Synapse Call Center as a Service is a hosted call center solution that delivers the hardware resources, software, voice service, connectivity, support and maintenance at fractional costs of traditional call center solutions.


Call Center as a Service Benefits

  • Reduce Capital Investment (CapEx)

No Hardware. No Software. No Network. You don’t need to do big upfront investment on servers, software licenses or network. You can lease everything on pay-as-you-grow basis.

  • Reduce Operational Investment (OpEx)

No Internet Contracts. No VoIP Contract. No IT Staff. The Call Center is delivered as Managed Service. Synapse ATS takes responsibility to guarantee system performance, maintenance and support. This greatly reduces operational costs; you don’t need IT staff, you do not have separate contracts for internet and VoIP and you have single point of contact for every need of your call center.

  • Scalability

No Hardware Upgrade. No Software Upgrade. You can start small and grow with us on pay-as-you-grow pricing model. If you need to expand your business we can rapidly allocate you more resources without need to invest on additional software or hardware. This is an advantage option also for seasonable business or when you want to expand your business on different locations.

  • Call Center Management

The entire system is delivered as a managed service. We take care of everything; all you need to do is to take care about your business.


Call Center Features

  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling
  • Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing
  • Web-based agent and system administration
  • Ability to have agents operate remotely
  • Integrated call recording
  • Integrated web based VtigerCRM
  • Three-Way calling within the agent application
  • Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
  • Scalable to hundreds of seats

How it works

We host the call center system and IP Telephony infrastructure in our Server Room. At your premises are delivered only agent computers and a redundant fiber connection coming from two different Point-Of-Presences. The calls are routed to our telephony softswitch through this redundant fiber connection, eliminating voice degradation which might come from poor or saturated internet lines.

Our Call Center as a Service includes:

  • Call Center System: Inbound, Outbound & Blended
  • Agent Desktop: Web based interface and Softphone
  • Broadband Connection: Fiber connectivity and Internet service
  • CPE: Router to manage voice and data traffic
  • Support and Maintenance

Our References

More than 60 call center agents, on three different locations, currently running on cloud.

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