Telco & ISP

Telco & ISP need to deliver services which provides real benefits for their customers, in order to differentiate themselves in a competitive and fast changing market segment. They need to provide reliable and innovative services, high bandwidth connections, and in the meantime they need to think about Total Cost of Ownership. All these challenges, led them to questions like what type of network topology should be used, what transmission technology, is their network plan easy scalable, is their data center build on latest standards and components…etc.

We at Synapse ATS, together with our partners, can help with the right answers since early stage of planing their infrastructure.  We  can provide various solutions for Telco & ISP market by combining latest technology and world class vendor products in technology fields like Data Center Physical Infrastructure, Fiber to the Home networks, Passive Optical Networks, Wireless Networks, Voice over IP, SIP to SS7 Interconnections, SIP Trunking & Hosted PBX.


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